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When you hear about Jaats, the first thing that comes to mind is fearlessness. The Jaat community is known for being frank in their expression and being very brave. They are known to maintain strong friendship and enmity for generations. Celebrate the power of your community with amazing Jaat Whatsapp Status and share with your contacts.

The strong Jat group comprises of over 31 million people in India, and they can also be found in Europe, the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The community has produced some eminent personalities who have contributed to various fields such as politics, administration, science, fine arts, and business. You can tell everyone how proud you are of the community by sharing the latest Jaat status in Hindi.

Admire the Jaat People’s Contribution to Society

Who hasn’t heard the name of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, the freedom fighter? He belonged to the Jat community and is remembered even today for his heroic deeds and the prominent role he played in the Indian freedom movement. Did you know that the former Prime Minister of Fiji, Mahendra Chaudhary is also from the Jaat community. It is only right that you are honoured to share Royal Jaat Status on WhatsApp to let others know of your community.

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The members of the Jaat community have made a boundless contribution to the field of Indian cinema. Simi Garewal, Dharmendra, his sons Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol, Poonam Dhillon, Jimmy Shergill, Randeep Hooda, Abhay Deol, and many others have left a lasting mark in Bollywood. Virendra Sehwag, Ashish Nehra, Navjot Singh Sindhu, Robin Singh, and others have taken Indian cricket to new heights with their performance on the field. You can share their success with trending Jaat Status on WhatsApp.

It’s not just India that the Jaats have performed well, but also all over the world. The American Senator, Satveer Chaudhary, the first South Asian senator in American history belongs to Jaat community. Gurbaksh Chahal who is one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs is also a Jaat. The list is endless and so is their contribution.

Royal & Cool – Two words to Define Jaat Community

The Jaat people have a cool attitude and likeable persona. You will instantly fall in love with their personality and they aren’t hesitant about revealing their true side. If you’re on the good side, the Jaat people will die for your friendship, and at the same time if you misbehave with them, they can also be your worst enemy. Find the best Jaat Attitude Status and share with your friends and contacts now.

ज़िन्दगी म घणी कमाई ते कोन्या करी लड़ल्यो बस इतना क कमाया से !
जे एक ब घर ते लिकड़ ल्यूं फेर उल्टा 5 7 राम राम लेके बड्या करूं !

कागजों पर तो अदालत चलती हैं !
हम तो जाट के छोरे हैं, फैसला on the spot करते हैं !!

पैसों का नहीं !
जाट होने का घमंड है !!

जाट का लट्ठ जहाँ गड़ जाता है !
फिर वो जाटलैंड कहलाता है !!

सब बुराई करें सै जाट की !
बराबरी किसे ते न होती !!

jaat status hukka se

चौधर का हुक्का सै, अर जाट रुक्का सै !
असली खौफ तो जाट का सै, बाक़िया का टोरा सुक्का सै !!

मास्टर – तुम्हे पता है, हमारे पूर्वज बन्दर थे ?
जाट – थारे होंगे, म्हारे आले तो चौधरी थे !!

भीड़ का शोर और जाट का ज़ोर, कभी काबू में नहीं आता !
और जो कोशिश करे वो वापिस नहीं आता !!

तेरे मन का वहम इबे काढ़ लिए छोटे !
तेरे अगले जनम तक तो जाट की power और बढ़ जाएगी !!

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