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Thakur Status

Thakur Status in Hindi

The Thakur community has been a powerful clan in our country for a long time. The title of Thakur was used by the rulers of princely states during the British rule in the country. They enjoyed an upper status, were respected, and ruled over provinces and estates. The community has always been known for its bravery and their exceptional capabilities in administration. If you’re a Thakur, then you’ll love to update some of the best Thakur Status in Hindi on your WhatsApp profile.

The word Thakur is derived from the word ‘Tagri’ which means a person who is respected or feared. Landlords, zamindars, and other influential people during British rule earned the status of Thakur. Their fierce personality has also been portrayed in multiple Bollywood movies. They are popular for their bravery and their never-say-die attitude. You can share a Thakur Status to display your personality and get more likes from your friends.

Showcase the Proud History of Thakur Community

Nobel laureate and greatest Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore was a Thakur. His name was anglicized into the title Thakur which was given to his ancestors. It was him who wrote the National Anthem of India. His works are unparalleled and have left a mark in the field of Indian literature. His notable works are cherished even today and have become a part of the school curriculum not just in India but also worldwide.

Shardul Thakur, Mrunal Thakur, Monali Thakur, and others have left a lasting impression in their respective fields. Monali is famous for her singing, Mrunal is a well-known TV actress, and Shardul is a cricketer. The Thakur community have also contributed immensely to the field of arts, entertainment, literature, sports, music, science, and more. If you are proud of who you are, then why not flaunt it with a Thakur status.

Share Royal Thakur Status to Envy Others

Show off your personality and attitude in style to the people in your contact list. StatusArena has an incredible collection of Thakur Status in Hindi for you to share with just the touch of a button. The name Thakur carries so much weight behind it. That’s why we have the coolest and awesome Thakur WhatsApp Status collection you can’t find anywhere.

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You will love the power-packed quotes provided by us. Our Thakur Attitude Status is immensely popular and is preferred by youngsters who love showing off their heritage. If there are people in your contact list who don’t like you or if they are trying to bring you down, then just share Royal Thakur Status to shut their mouth. Show them all what it means to be a Thakur and be proud of who you are.

It’s easy to share the WhatsApp status with a single button or you also have the option to download and save it for later. Even your family and friends will have a great time viewing your WhatsApp Thakur status updates. They will surely love your attitude and style of conveying what you truly feel and think. Watch the attention that you get after sharing some smashing Thakur Attitude Status quotes.

thakur status 1

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ठाकुर हाथ किसी का थाम कर छोड़ते नहीं !
वादा अगर किसी से करे तो तोड़ते नहीं !!
अगर तोड़ दे दिल कोई ठाकुर का !
तो बिना हाथ पैर तोड़े छोड़ते नहीं !!

thakur status 2

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एक ठाकुर की बात दूसरी ठाकुर की लात !
बड़ी दमदार होती है !!

thakur status 3

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jio की टावर और ठाकुर की पावर !
जहाँ भी जाओगे फुल ही मिलेगा !!

thakur status 4

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बंदिशों में रहना मेरी फितरत में नहीं !
क्योकि हम बहते हुए पानी को भी रोक देते हैं !!

thakur status 5

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ठाकुर से दोस्ती ना सही तो दुश्मनी भी ना करना !
क्योकि हम रिश्ता पूरी शिद्दत से निभाते हैं !!

thakur status 6

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हमारी ताकत का अंदाज़ा तुम क्या लगाओगे ग़ालिब !
हम कब्रिस्तान से भी गुजरते हैं तो मुर्दे उठ कर कहते हैं !
राम राम ठाकुर साहब

thakur status 7

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मिज़ाज जिनके अलग होते हैं !
चर्चे उन्ही के होते हैं !!

thakur status 8

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ताकत पर घमंड और कमजोरी पर पर्दा डालना औरों का काम है !
भीड़ में भी अकेले खड़े रहे वो सिर्फ ठाकुर शेरों का काम है !!

thakur status 9

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attitude तो बच्चे दिखाते हैं !
हम तो लोगों को उनकी औकात दिखाते हैं !!

thakur status 10

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ज़िन्दगी तो ठाकुर जिया करते हैं !
दिग्गजों को पछाड़ कर राज किया करते हैं !!
कौन रखता है किसी के सर पर ताज !
ठाकुर तो अपना राजतिलक स्वयं किया करते हैं !!

thakur status 11

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लोग आग से कम ठाकुर से ज्यादा जलते हैं !

thakur status 12

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ठाकुर का चेहरा तो मासूम लग सकता है !
लेकिन निगाहें हमेशा बब्बर शेर की तरह होती हैं !!

thakur status 13

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मान, मर्यादा, अनुशाशन यही पहचान हमारी है !
ठाकुर हैं हम, ऊँची शान हमारी है !!

thakur status 14

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ना इतरा के चल, हम नज़र लगा देंगे !
ठाकुर के छोरे हैं, ग़दर मचा देंगे !!

thakur status 15

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रॉयल्टी है जिसकी पहचान !
वो ठाकुर है मेरी जान !!

thakur status 16

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मेरे चाहने वाले बहुत अच्छे हैं !
मेरे दुश्मन मेरे सामने अभी बच्चे हैं !!

thakur status 17

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मैं झुक नहीं सकता मैं शौर्य का अखंड भाग हूँ !
जला दे जो दुश्मनो की रूह तक मैं वही ठाकुर की औलाद हूँ !!

thakur status 18

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बहुत ही कम दाम में लूट लेती है ये दुनिया उसे !
जिसे अपनी खुद की कीमत का अंदाज़ा नहीं होता !!

thakur status 19

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सबसे दिलदार और दमदार हैं !
ठाकुर रणभूमि में तेज़ तलवार हैं !!
ठाकुर पता नहीं कितनो की जान हैं !
ठाकुर सच्चे प्यार पर कुर्बान हैं !!

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